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Title: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 24 October, 2019, 05:16:58 pm
I have recently purchased a 4hp SPI McDonald which runs very well, however it is losing water very slowly out of water  hopper, and when running some water drips slowly out around fuel injector and the oil is slightly contaminated going milky in sump.
I suspect the head gasket may be the cause.
before I pull the head off can a head gasket be made or is it a special type with copper.
Guess I will find out when the head comes off.
I am wanting a water hopper lid if anybody has a spare to sell.
Grasshopper Max
m 0437739766
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 25 October, 2019, 02:40:17 pm
I haven't started to pull our 5hp Mac apart yet but I would also guess that there may be a gasket between hopper and block and water might get in through there. I think you will need a copper gasket and if non are available there are many places that can make one up for you.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 29 October, 2019, 11:51:32 am
Thanks for reply John & Dee,(Cobbadog)
You are correct about the copper gasket.
I have now pulled the head off my 4hp SPI McDonald and found the gasket surrounding the head was in poor condition and leaking water into the cylinder head and oil gallery.
There was no copper head gasket fitted only a heap of silicon, somebody did a botch job on this.  Drained all milky oil out and flushed.
I have cleaned up all the surfaces, can make the gasket for the water passages, I would like to buy a copper head gasket if any one has one they would like to sell, also looking for a water hopper lid.
If all fails I guess I may be able to get someone to make a head gasket or purchase some copper sheeting and make one.
Apart from that the engine is in good condition with bearings and bore all good.
Anyway thanks for reply cobbadog.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 29 October, 2019, 04:43:38 pm
G'Day Grasshopper,
Before fitting the head back on make a template of the head. Either using a piece of cardboard and a small hammer and tap around ALL the edges and holes. This gives a gasket place an exact copy of what it is you need, after that they will need to know what make and model engine and from that they should know what the correct thickness of the new copper gasket should be. I can't think of a supplier of these gaskets as an off the shelf part so contacting a gasket manufacturer will be your best option.
Depending on where you are will determine where you go to buy.
In the TOMM there is a company based in Sydney that makes copper gaskets, Swansons I think, but do a Google search for head gasket makers Australia and this will give you options as to who to contact. From memory there is a supplier in Qld and Vic so won't be hard to find.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 29 October, 2019, 05:32:19 pm
Hello Cobbadog,
Thanks for the info on the gaskets.
I have emailed off to Swanson Gaskets and given them my needs, see how I go.
I live in Warwick Qld.
If anybody interested I have a knurled decompression handle for a Southern Cross yb if any one interested. They are rare to acquire.
I also have a brand new custom made stainless steel rectangular water tank with lid that bolts onto Ronaldson Tippet CE Diesel engine for sale. my mobile 0437739766.
I am looking out for a user manual for the 4hp SPI McDonald.
Let you know how I go with gaskets.

Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 29 October, 2019, 09:14:01 pm
Beware, Scotty lives there too.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 01 November, 2019, 11:18:21 am
Here is a couple of photo's of 4Hp SPI with head off.
Am sourcing around for gaskets for head at the moment.
Cheers Grasshopper Max.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 01 November, 2019, 09:06:19 pm
Looks a nice engine. Do you have a pic of the old gasket?
There was an engine and I can't remember it that used just a round ring copper gasket and then seals around the holes like o rings.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 02 November, 2019, 12:24:26 am
I Was talking to a couple of people that have had the 4 HP McDonald SPI engines and they said the engine has a thin copper ring then a outer gasket surrounding the five water holes and oil passage,
with rubber plugs around the 5 water inlet/outlet holes.
Apparently you can get by without the rubber plugs if a liberal rubberised gasket glue is used both sides of the gasket.
The copper ring takes up forming a good cylinder seal.
The bore diameter  of this engine is 3 1//2 inches.
Still waiting on various contacts to see what gasket set I can come up with.
Worst scenario is I can procure the copper plate and make the copper ring myself, plus cut a gasket for water jackets.
Once I get it back to running again it will be a big clean up and paint job, then make a transporter for it.
Steel wheels are hard to come by, but I do attend a lot of sales and may get lucky.
I like working on the engines.
I did have the entire collection of 4Stroke Villiers all done up including the Mk414 the biggest Villiers made with JAP influence on design, It had a crank handle to start it.
I sold the whole collection to make room in my shed. Still have a few Villiers Left.
Cheers for now,
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 02 November, 2019, 12:32:07 am
Sorry ,Cobbadog, forgot to answer your question,
Unfortunately the water jacket crumbled into pieces when the head came off, rubber pieces everywhere and old gasket pieces, there wasn't a copper ring fitted only some sort of compound in the ring recess which I have removed as you can see in the photo's,
I have made a profile of the water jacket gasket if you need a picture I can post.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 02 November, 2019, 04:34:18 pm
No thanks, no pic required. Sounds as though this is the engine that had the o rings etc as described. Maybe there is a gasket manufacturer here in Oz that already does the set and eliminate a lot of issues in making. I heard about the sale of the Villiers collection, hope it went to a good home.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: peter dixon on 02 November, 2019, 05:09:48 pm
i think a head gasket made of the now illegal klingerite? that was used for car extractor gaskets, and thick o rings with smear of silastic or sika or similar product should get you out of trouble for little expense. thats all my sd 2hp has.  the extractor gasket stuff was a bit thick, about 40thou would do. if you cant find any you will be in the same boat as me now because my local engineering shop bloke threw his out due to the asbestos scare.  there is asbestos free stuff available
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 03 November, 2019, 01:00:07 am
Thanks for info Peter,
I have a lot of enquiries out with different firms, Swansons reckon they can make me gaskets if I send them profiles made out of good quality cardboard.
A couple of other people are checking what they may have and a nephew over in WA has some good contacts from various collectors.
Posting a pic of my Villiers engine collection that I sold. the biggest Villiers was a mk 444  (not 414 as I previous said)The chap who bought them was from Stanthorpe, not far from Warwick where I live in Queensland.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 16 November, 2019, 04:26:09 pm
At this stage all is confusing as to what sort of gasket set up for the head of my SPI McDonald.
Received a gasket set from Vintage Motor Spares being a piston round cylinder gasket of composite material and thick at .08 plus five rubber rings which are meant to seal water tubes.
Problem is nothing else to cover oil gallery where pushrods operate.
I tried fitting it with a homemade gasket for oil gallery,
Had plenty of compression and engine started and ran well.
Filled water hopper and water ran out of gasket so I did not have a good seal. Fortunately did not go into oil.
Have checked cylinder head no cracks and piston sleeve all seems fine.
Waiting on hand book from plough sales so I can work out what type and thickness gaskets I should be using.
Perhaps one of our fellow readers can help out in this department?
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 17 November, 2019, 11:54:47 am
A little more information on head gaskets for my SPI McDonalds.
The head gasket I received would have been correct if my engine was a SE model with exterior pushrods.
My SPI has internal pushrods going through a side opening in the head which uses a different gasket set.
See what I can sort out this coming week.
I am still looking for a hopper lid and any other parts some one may wish to sell.
Grasshopper Max.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 10 December, 2019, 08:15:26 pm
At last finally got head gaskets sorted for SPI 4hp McDonald.
Put it all back together and fired it up, ran perfectly.
Shut it down and filled water hopper.
Water started coming out of injector seating in head, around injector.
Drained hopper and pulled head off.
plugged water tubes with silicon from main water hopper.
Turned head facing up and flat and filled hopper and head with water to do a static test for leaks.
main hopper ok, head leaking on side of injector hole, looks like its cracked.
There is a sleeve that injector fits into maybe this is cracked, will have to do some more investigation and try and remove sleeve.
two things either head is cracked around sleeve or sleeve is cracked or both.
Head may be able to be welded otherwise I will be trying to obtain another head from some where.
In the short term looks like I was sold a dud with some temporary silicon application that lasted long enough to sell the engine.
Never mind the rest of the engine is good, I will keep at it.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 11 December, 2019, 09:43:33 pm
Bugger !
It is sad to think that there are people out there that will do things like that and even though it is not a nice thing to do I would name them but then youget yoyr bum kicked for doing so.
Hopefully it is repairable. After seeing what some members here have done over the years it is amazing what can be resurected with the right skills. Sometimes you can find those people in engineering shops that specialise on heads so if you have doubts research some shops.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 13 December, 2019, 05:46:47 pm
Yes Cobbadog there are a few sly shysters in the old engine game, certainly people who have a genuine interest in old machinery would not do that to a prospective buyer.
I am not sure if the sleeve for the fuel injector that is rusted out and is screwed into the threaded space actually forms part of the seal for water as well as injector having direct contact with open water passage or the waterjacket is sealed but cracked and rusted the sleeve which I suspect is the latter case.
I have tried to unscrew the sleeve without success and managed to mangle the sleeve quite a bit.
I have a nice blister on my thumb from the hammer I was using to cold chisel away at it. Try some heat later on, but suspect all might be in vain.
Decided to bite the bullet and purchased another SPI engine located 150k away.
This engine is complete except no oil pump or drive gear for pump and missing a gib key on starting side flywheel.
It also has a lid for the Water hopper and 43 builds younger than mine on production number on plate.
I think my engine piston bore and bearings may be better will evaluate them, however one thing is for certain I will get one good going engine out of them and have spare parts if I need them.
Will post more as I get things together.  Parts for The McDonalds seem to be hard to come by so lucky with this engine I bought.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 13 December, 2019, 09:32:30 pm
Another option is to have it burnt out with one of those spark burners. I had a tapered pin burnt out of a crank shaft years back and no harm done to the crank and no pin left just a clean hole ready for the new pin.
I have a pair of SE 5hp Macs waiting their turn to make one good one out of them and hopefully not a life time away to be done. So many other projects on the go you have to draw the line somewhere.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 14 December, 2019, 06:31:35 pm
Thanks Cobberdog, will keep that tip on a spark burner in mind, maybe that can remove the injector sleeve, problem will be to repair head if cracked and get another sleeve.
Still will keep it all on the backburner and try and sort it later on.
Hopefully the head on the acquired engine is good. Hopefully not unlucky twice.
Will post more info on this project as I go, meanwhile Christmas is rushing upon me and I will have less time in the shed over the festive season.
Meanwhile all the best for Christmas to you and your family and all our readers.
Grasshopper Max.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 14 December, 2019, 09:39:32 pm
Cheers Max and the same to you and your Fsmily and friends. I just need time now as work is at full throttle until I either run out of time to do the jobs or stock gets lost or simply does not arrive. Already one delivery is a week late and they aretrying to locate the package somewhere in Australia.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 27 January, 2020, 07:30:14 pm
Christmas and new Year all over and Australia Day gone as well, the year slipping away, the Allora Heritage Festival for old engines, cars,bikes, tractors and trucks plus a swap meet passed on the weekend.
I attended but disappointed not one MacDonald engine there and nothing as far as steel wheels to suit a transporter I intend to build.
Excellent turn out of tractors and old cars.
Today I headed back into the shed and pulled the head off the spare 4hpSPI MacDonald.
Guess What? No head gasket fitted looks like some white sealing compound spread very thinly over contact surface.
I was expecting a copper gasket or similar but no such luck.
This engine has seen a lot of work and rings in poor shape judging by the carbon on head.
Cleaned up the head, removed valves as valve faces pitted and valve seats need reseating.
I decided to use the valves and springs from the other motor.
Looked up the angle of valve seating and 45 deg is the ticket. Spent a couple of hours reseating the head for the valves and lapping in valves.
Fitted head to my No! SPI and turned it over, not as much compression as before, I used the composite head gasket that I had available,
Only a couple of half hearted kicks but would not run.
Did some careful checking and looks like my efforts on the exhaust valve not up to scratch so tomorrow off the head comes for more lapping in exhaust valve.
Funny enough the MacDonald manual mention this after lapping in valves they may be worse than before(,And to pay more attention) in this case they are right dam it!!!##**
Tomorrows another day, see what gives.
Grasshopper Max

Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 27 January, 2020, 09:43:36 pm
Bugga ! I heard a lot of good reports from Allora from Scotty and it looks like Rudy enjoyed it too. They got some rain as you would be aware but I think everyone still had a good time. Apparently there was a Cortina driver who liked nothing more than to park his pride and joy in the middle of the roads and caused others to have to go off road through the bog to get passed him.
I have not had to do valves my self for a long time. My favourite commercial mower is a Big Bob and it had been running badly for a while. I found that the air mixture screw goes into a plastic insert and it was loose. Fixed that but still had problems so off with the head and out with both valves. I bought a special tool to remove the caps off the top of the valve stem and a small hand operated valve grinding stick with a rubber cup and paste. Being bloody lazy I decided to make an adaptor to put the rubber cup onto a piece of metal and machine that to suit my drill. Both valves lapped in no time with coarse and fine paste. Big Bob now sings again.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: AUSDOK on 28 January, 2020, 12:19:59 pm
Hi Grasshopper Max what size steel wheels are you after. Regards Rudy
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 28 January, 2020, 03:48:39 pm
10" / 250mm OD here !
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 28 January, 2020, 09:23:08 pm
Hi Rudy,
o/d  10inch ( 250mm) would be a good size but even up to 13 inch  (350 mm )   is ok.    Rim width 50mm to 100 mm
Would require  a pair of 4 or a mixture two each of the same size and design and if different size pairs can accommodate this in the design of the transporter, say bigger wheels at the back smaller at front.
Grasshopper Max at Warwick Qld.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 28 January, 2020, 09:33:10 pm
Hello Cobbadog,
Yes resorting to the drill is a quicker way of lapping in a recalcitrant valve, easier on the fingers and hand.
I redid the exhaust valve and inlet today still not good enough, turning motor over there is excellent suction on air intake side and at certain parts of engine cycle there is a slight vacuum on end of exhaust which points to exhaust valve passing.
Talking to Scotty today he also mentioned checking injector copper gasket,  run a bit of soapy water around and see if its bubble time.
I don't suspect the rings as engine has been running before and there is good suction on air intake.
Looks like I will be occupied again in the shed tomorrow.
Cheers for now
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 29 January, 2020, 09:35:13 pm
Nothing like 'shed time'.
I bought a pair of new batteries for Lorry today and will fit them in the morning. Once done it's off to town to buy a length of quad guttering for the main shed, a half length of "C" purlin to add to the carport roof to stop the birds shitting on Snowy and look at getting the shop to roll some 2"-3" wide bands 250mm diameter and make me own. They might even have some pipe that will do the job and as an off cut.
Hope you dont end up with a bubble bath but then that would not be so bad as its an easy fix. NEw copper washer or heat the old one up to cherry red, let it cool by itself and refit. The heating up anneals the copper and softens it to help reseat.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 20 February, 2020, 09:58:27 pm
Finally gave up on trying to lap in my inlet and exhaust valves for SPI McDonald.
Just could not get a proper seal.
Ended up taking head into engine reconditioner to get seats cut and valves refaced plus an acid bath on the head.
will be ready next week. No matter the cost.
Saw a 1946 CS Lister sitting in a shed the other day, Never been run from new, all water inlets and outlets blanked off including exhaust.
Everything there for it pipes, water hopper, fuel tank, exhaust pipes and muffler. Crank handle there.
It may be for sale, however I am told the owner wants about $3000 for the unit.
I thought $2000 would stop it and that was adding $500 to allow for "new condition".
Might see what the end shot will be, what do our readers think of this price?
I know CS Listers are thought to be a bit ordinary and I have seen perfectly good ones go at sales between $800 to $1400.
The engine has been stored under cover but would need a repaint or maybe come up ok with the grime scrubbed off.
Year 1946 just a guide would have to go back and get engine number.
Looking forward to getting the SPI McDonald running again.
Cobberdog  you are going well with your transporter project.
Still looking for wheels, no luck at last sale, all too big, off combine seeders.
Cheers for now
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 21 February, 2020, 09:39:50 pm
Yep, picked up the last of the timber today and should start designing and cutting soon. Just need to make a final decision on overall length of the rails, width is decided by the bolt centre of the engine mounts. I also noticed today that the crankshaft is longer on one side which will make the engine sit a bit offset. Just looking at the details posted as to final design as well.
As for the Lister, the value is in the fact that it has been safely (hope so) stored and that it still turns over. You should fing that it will wash up quite good and to do anything other than a clean would then de-value it and would no longer be appealing to others. Possible assmebly of the engine to make it look complete would be a good thing and not to run it as then it still has that same appeal that has your interest. To make it run would be fine too but then it is just another well looked after Lister in original condition.
So many ideas and views will be had on what to do with it if you did get it but in the end if you do buy it then it is yours to do what you most want to do with it, run or display it as it is.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 25 February, 2020, 10:50:28 pm
I guess by now Cobberdog you are well into shaping the timbers on your transporter project.
I received my head for th McDonald SPI today from our local engine shop and they did a stirling job of acid washing head, refacing valves and seats then lapping in valves.
Should have lots of compression when fitted back onto engine.
Had another look at Lister CS, paintwork not so good for an unused engine, still had delivery tag on crankshaft.
Going price $2500, a bit steep for me, I offered less and left offer on the table. All the original gear with it even flat pulley.
Your comments which were very valid I bore in Mind.
Today I bought a 1930 3.1 Lister CS 600rpm, quite a history purchased in 1930 for a dairy farm and ran a vacuum pump for many years before being retired and stored in its original settings.
Needs a water hopper and muffler fuel tank is there along with crank handle.
Unit turns over.
I will take the Isuzu ute up to pick it up tomorrow, a round trip of 400k.
A couple of pics.
This engine business tends to get in your blood.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 25 February, 2020, 10:54:21 pm
Oops, Villiers not the Lister,
Pictures of Lister 3.1
Grasshopper Max.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: asw120 on 26 February, 2020, 08:19:17 am
I have a cs 6hp and find it very soothing to listen to / watch.
Probably will need what mine did: decoke, strip/unseize injector pump and injector. I  was warned not to turn it until I  had removed the pump which is nearly always stuck after a long sleep.

This year I plan to make a transport / skids so I don't have to chase it across the shed floor.
They are a lovely thing.

Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Austral on 26 February, 2020, 09:57:33 pm
The CS Listers are a brilliant engine, in both their 3 and 6hp formats.
The one I collected in 2006 had not been running for many years, and following a complete strip, clean, check and overhaul of the pump and injector, it started on the 3rd compression and ran like the proverbial Swiss watch. 
It was a sad day when it went to it's new home some three years ago.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 27 February, 2020, 06:50:04 pm
Thanks for the replies on this thread,
Picked up the engine, it looks pretty good a fair bit of light surface rust which will come off with treatment. Missing a water hopper, air intake filter and that's it even have original fuel tank and crank handle.
have not turned engine over and like suggested will remove injector and pump as slide on pump not moving.
I intend to pull the engine right down inspect everything and make right if required, clean all down and put back together for a test run before getting a fresh coat of paint a water hopper and a transporter made for it.
Apparently the engine was purchased to run a vacuum pump in a dairy which it did for 45 years, then dairy was closed, owners going over to beef cattle so engine sat in disused dairy for 45 years, a long sleep, will be interesting pulling it down and checking condition.
May remove side plate tomorrow along with pump and injector and see what ghosts are in there.
will keep you posted on progress.
Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 27 February, 2020, 09:58:00 pm
Looking up engine number on 3.1 Lister confirms engine manufactured in 1940n not 1930 as told but I guess what is 10 years in a life time of 80 years.
This engine has seen 4 generations of the same family.
Engine number is 36684 which puts it in the 1940 bracket and is  actually stamped on the engine casing.
Learn something every day.
Grasshopper Max from Warwick Qld.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 01 March, 2020, 08:33:12 pm
Today I refitted the head with newly seated valves and head was acid washed as well.
Refitted all to my 4 HP SPI McDonald, a touch of oil through injector hole before fitting injector, primed fuel system and cranked over, compression stopped me from turning over, decompressed spun over the fly wheels and decompressed and away my little McDonald went settling down to a nice steady run.
What a relief, now all I have to do is make a transporter and clean up exterior of motor and repaint. A couple of pics of engine.

I also started looking at my recently acquired 1940 3 HP CS Lister.
Linkages still frozen on fuel control system, have not forced them just some penetrant to start with.
The Cold start screw now operates easily.
The knurled knob on rocker cover freed up and rocker cover removed.
Old wasp nest remains blown out with compressed air and valve springs sprayed with wd40.
A tap on top of valves revealed inlet valve free, exhaust sticking, worked it a bit and now both free.
So far so good I think this engine will come up very good, will confirm by stripping motor down.
Haven't taken back plate off yet to inspect inside.
Started removing some of the rust off flywheels and going very well.
A couple of pics of the lister.
That's it for the moment folks,
More in store.
Cheers Grasshopper Max from Warwick Qld
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 01 March, 2020, 10:12:21 pm
Good news about the Mac now running.
With the rack on the fuel pump for the Lister I suggest that when stripping take one part off at a time and take a shit load of pics with the phone. When I did my 8hp Lister I thought I had it all sorted but there are parts inside that can be fitted the right or the wrong way so be very careful. There is a centre dot mark that must be aligned on the rack from memory and if you fit this part in the wrong way it wont work. There are other parts inside that can be fitted in the wrong order or arse up so be careful.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 02 March, 2020, 03:55:29 pm
While I have been thinking about the transporter I realised that I need to find, buy or make a crank handle to suit this SE McDonald. If anyone has one for sale please let me know or if anyone has one that they can post a picture of it and let me know some dimensions of what it is I need to make. Also will be looking for a fuel tank at some stage.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 03 March, 2020, 06:08:31 pm
Hello John,
Your are talking about a crank handle required for your McDonald SE.
I am probably wrong but I thought the SE model had the crank handle built into a recess on the face of the flywheel that pops out then goes back in while the engine is running.
Interested to know if this is not the case.
Regards Grasshopper Max
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 03 March, 2020, 09:50:28 pm
You are correct, I never looked at it too closely as they are both under the house at the moment and I thought maybe I should start the search. Then today I got a phone call of one of the previous owners of the engines and said the same thing so while I was talking to him on the phone I went and had a look and there it is, partly sticking out from the flywheel.
So thanks for the heads up, but I haven't had time until now to get on here to correct my stuff up.
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: cobbadog on 04 March, 2020, 09:40:40 pm
It was suggested that a Milo tin would work for the fuel tank by Scotty.
Not such a silly idea there Scotty. I have a picture of what it should look like on the work computer so will dig it out tomorrow. But that would be close to the size. Wont be one here being diabetic so will find a Fat Cow down the road and see if she will part with one.
Fat Cow is sister inlaw.
I was tinkering with the beginning of the turntable late today and the timber axle support then a customer arrived and that was the end of play time.
Initial basic design for want of a better description is to just attach a flat steel plate about 3mm thick to the underside of the timber rails and one of those cross members then let the timber ax;e support rub against that plate for turning. AS we wont be doing laps of the showgrounds I think this idea should be good enough, I can't see any need for Radial Tune Suspenders here.
Any thoughts?
Title: Re: McDonald 4hp spi Diesel.
Post by: Grasshopper on 04 March, 2020, 11:38:34 pm
John, Glad to hear your problems for a crank handle on your SE is over.
I notice on Ebay that Oldtimerengines from Petre in Qld sells small rectangular fuel tanks complete with mountings and tap/fittings for $120 posted. I admit one could make one a lot cheaper.
I have just received a full gasket set to suit my Lister CS 3.1 for $65 posted. He has quite a good source of parts.
It will be handy to have the gaskets once I start pulling "Susan" down for its 80 year old check up.
Sounds like the turntable will work ok on your transporter.
I am sourcing 200 mm steel pipe to make up into steel bands as wheels are almost impossible to buy or outrageously priced.
Grasshopper Max.