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Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by cobbadog on 04 April, 2020, 04:10:07 pm »
After a lot of heating and smoke coming up from every where because of oil and grease, I bolted the puller in place and checked measured the distance off the flywheel to ensure it was square. I knew this was going to be tight, shit I hate being right at times but with the ol' trusty Sidchrome sockets, a "T" bar and wrong or right a length of pipe on the end of that. I put a fair bit of fetch on it and then got the 2lb soft hammer and flogged the outside of the flywheel and each time I was able to put just a little bit more on the pipe. Eventually it cracked and I shit myself and then studied what had just happened. All looked good, no stripped bolts into the flywheel and the centre bolt on the puller in tact I tried a bit more weight and it was easier. So I did a check measure on the end of the crankshaft and put some more strain on the puller and it became obvious it was on the move, at bloody last. It fought me all the way but it still a good feeling to see it slowly working it's way off. After about another 30 minutes of swinging on the pipe it was finally off, "YEAH TEAM COBBA".
You can see in what's left of the gibb key the remains of the small drill bit. It shows that it snapped when I was with-drawing it out to clear the swarf from the flutes of the drill. In the centre there is still a 3/16" drill bit hiding. As I was using the slotting chisel I made up tiny bits of drill bit kept falling out, it had truly shattered to bits.
On Monday I'm heading off to Manning Base Hospital and apply for a job as a "keyhole surgeon" these pics are my resume.
Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by cobbadog on 04 April, 2020, 03:48:01 pm »
This is what I started with today a punch, pobge and a 3/8" pin punch re-shaped to being a slotting chisel. You can one of the small holes opened up and another hiding behind swarf on the bottom right. After some very careful drilling I got the left hand side opened completely and a bigger hole on the bottom right. Centre and top right still have drill bits inside. Next it is time for heat, heat and more heat and bolt up the puller checking that it is an even distance off the flywheel as I expect to have to put some fetch on this one.
New Members Cafe / Re: Newbie
« Last post by ianoz on 03 April, 2020, 04:36:02 pm »
"By User " i think refers to searching a particular forum members posts . To narrow down the search .
Could be wrong .
New Members Cafe / Re: Heritage Oil
« Last post by John 54 on 03 April, 2020, 08:53:15 am »
Hi All
Be very careful what oil you use particularly in total loss systems (oilers, wick feed etc ) most engine oils are designed to be pressure fed and the oil film breaks down quickly. Many years ago I forgot to take my oil to a rally I went to the local supermarket and bought 4 liters of the lowest grade motor oil to use in my Austral. After about an hour of running I notice a yellow (brass) mark on the crank guard. I use vacuum pump oil as this oil is formulated to use in machines that run cast iron to cast iron. I have never had any problems.
Regards John     
New Members Cafe / Re: Heritage Oil
« Last post by Triumphline on 03 April, 2020, 08:31:10 am »
I ordered some Penrite Heritage oil from Repco online and it arrived on my doorstep in a couple of days. Another option if your local shop doesn't have it in stock.
New Members Cafe / Re: Heritage Oil
« Last post by winchester on 02 April, 2020, 09:51:09 pm »
Go to Woolworths and buy straight sae 30 mineral oil, dont waste your money.
Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by cobbadog on 01 April, 2020, 09:29:52 pm »
I do like spark erosion and had some done about 25 years ago at a local engineering shop. Unfortunately they are gone now and no one else has that service here. The other issue is the bloody weight of this elephant and is why I want the flywheels off so the block can go to town and have the liner pressed out, all pickled up nice and clean as there is half a tone of rust around the bore then a new seal fitted onto the liner and pressed back in.
I might get the chance to have another go tomorrow afternoon to drill more holes and start the collapse process otherwise it will be the weekend. As much of a pain this has been so far I am enjoying it because I am finding it more challenging than expected but enjoyable at the same time.
Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by Austral on 01 April, 2020, 09:04:20 am »
Well done on getting one flywheel off after a lot of grief.
Perhaps you could try spark erosion on the broken key.
Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by cobbadog on 31 March, 2020, 09:17:43 pm »
Hi Steve, thanks for the heads up, I intend to do my best to collapse the key before trying to pull the flywheel. Time will tell how I get on.
Stationary Engines / Re: McDonald Imperial Super Diesel
« Last post by wee-allis on 31 March, 2020, 05:45:39 pm »

John, unless you can collapse that gib key, you won't pull the flywheel off, no matter how much pressure you put on it. The gib key has a 1 in 100 taper on it to lock the flywheel.

Drill as many holes as you can, right through, no matter what size you can get in, then try to punch the rest of the key to loosen it. The holes will allow it to collapse.  Good luck with it.
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