Author Topic: Stanway engine mystery  (Read 1555 times)

Eric Schulz

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Stanway engine mystery
« on: 10 January, 2009, 11:44:50 am »
This would have to be the most infuriating engine I know of! It can be seen at Geralka Farm, Spalding Rd, Spalding, South Australia. Geralka is both a working and tourist farm, with a lot of vintage stuff to look at.

The infuriating part is that we know it exists, but there is no trace of its history. While living in Adelaide, I looked at all likely and unlikely places to find some record of Stanway Engineering Co, Port Adelaide. Nothing, not a single word!

You could pass it off as badge engineering by some small retailer, but someone had to have built it. It is unlike anything else I have seen, in the flesh or in pictures.

I don't expect anyone will know anything about it; I just put it here for you to look at.