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Bugly's D-Type Lister
« on: 10 March, 2016, 09:36:14 pm »
We recently bought a D-Type Lister sight unseen from WA, and picked it up from the transport company two days ago. We knew it wasn't pretty and that it had an odd-ball fuel tank, also that the carby float bowl housing had been broken but repaired. But apparently it ran OK.

The four and a half thousand kilometres didn't do the carby any good, because by the time it arrived it had broken at the flange where it bolted to the head. That just means I need to source another carby, which I did on eBay early this morning. I also bid and won a D-Type fuel tank and straps.

Unfortunately the ID plate showing the serial number and HP rating as well as the engine rated speed had been removed, making it difficult to date and identify the engine. But a bit of research and I have found this:

As well as on the ID plate, the engine serial numbers are also stamped on the flywheel. I found the number 140853, which dates the engine to early (Jan-Feb?) 1938. Also, the flywheel is 12 inches in diameter, which makes it a 2 HP model, at 1000 RPM. The water connections also make it a 'tank-cooled' model. The engine is cranked clockwise, so it is of 'normal rotation'. It's missing the muffler, but I already have one ordered and on the way from the UK.

I intend to give it a tidy up and put it back to work. We also have a three-knife Bentall chaff cutter, and the Lister will be used to drive this via a flat belt. That's the plan. We need the chaff cutter working to (surprisingly) cut chaff for feed for our Riverine buffalo, and to make wet-season silage. As I progress I'll stick up more photos.
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