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Needed flywheel

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Hi all after a flywheel  curved spoke 4 feet diameter, to finish a project engine
A hormsby or national ,pitt oil engine flywheel is the best type of profile  etc, or if you know of a collector who may have one would be greatly appreciated!cheers wayne

Check these out.

Kim S:
Curious?, they appear to be new unmachined castings ? a little difficult to tell by just the pictures though .......

Thanks davo made a call but they are to small , if i can get one flywheel a close size i can cast another.And yes kim they seem to be unmachined! Regards wayne

I travel along a highway in Northern Victoria that has a curved spoked flywheel in its yard, easily visible from the road. How desperate are you to get one? as I can probably take a photo and ask about it next time I go past.? It appears to be still attached to a crankshaft.


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