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HI! This is me
« on: 17 March, 2009, 10:29:10 am »
  OKAY, I'll be the guinea pig/crash test dummy & get the ball rolling.
 I dare say I will know what is worthy and not so worthy info for this topic.

 I'm "jayvee" real name John.  Live on the northern outskirts of the Adelaide metro area bordering the Barossa Valley in South Oz (Australia for the benefit of overseas members)
I have a really black, sick, twisted, warped, deranged sense of humour.

 My occupation as a paramedic for past 32 years has seen me working in Queensland (mainly in Central & western regions) and now here in Sth Australia since 1990.
I've been collecting/restoring engines for about 19 years.  My collection consists of the non startling, normal/usual, common everyday garden variety type engines. Nothing exotic in my collection. 
It has helped relieve and take the stress out at the end of a bad day at work.  Nothing like coming home and getting the hands dirty by taking my "frustrations" out on a difficult & stubborn nut or bolt.
I also like to "crank" one up, sit back, watch & listen to the engine quietly putter, purr away and become mesmerised into a land far far away (or is it the effects of carbon mon oxide?)

I've also got a couple of tractors (waiting to be restored) so that I can join our club members on their "tractor treks" and enjoy "life in the slow lane" and watch the world slowly roll by.
 I like (when & where I can) going to various engine/tractor rallies around Australia, seeing "What's out there" and meeting and talking with other "engine" people.  You always learn something by sharing information.

My other interests (in no particular order) photography & fishing and anything else that gets my interest.

I take people as I find them and not by others and I hope that I would be judged the same.

Jeez, it's hard talking about yourself.

So that's about it.  You can WAKE UP NOW!

Best wishes,  jayvee

(Too much information - SORRY)

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