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Howard Rotavator Posters
« on: 15 December, 2019, 12:02:25 pm »
Original Howard Auto Cultivators Rotary Hoe Posters wanted

4 years ago a Howard collector in Qld let me photograph a set of laminated photocopies of late 1930s Howard promotional posters, at the time he was reluctant to allow this, but he is in a high fire risk area, so agreed it will help preserve history. now its not so funny, a few houses only several kms from him were destroyed in the recent bushfires.

the posters are a set, all with identical wide decorative border, which appears to have been a cardboard frame as part of a mounting of a photo. most have a photo descriptive caption underneath, and a catchy sales slogan across top. dated by the machines shown, old model of Twelve puts them pre-war, Four-Wheel-Drive-22 puts them later than 1936 approx.

it would be nice to have these available to display at shows etc, but as copies it would be unfair to whoever has originals to just do that, so I am asking whoever has the originals, please can you make some more and make them availalble to everybody somehow? I have asked several Howard collectors if they have any, nobody I have spoken too has ever seen them before. 1 guy has a late 1930s HAC calendar, which has several old machines photos in it, but it does not have any of these photos, nor does it have a fancy border. it is possible these 'posters' are from a different year of HAC calendar, without having the originals, or talking to somebody who knows these pictures, I have no way of knowing what they were originally published as.

here is an example, my profile pic is cut from what would seem to be either the first or the last in the set, my photograph of this poster did not get all the border, the border is even all the way around. this is the only one which is NOT a Howard product, for relevant history, read all about James Ruse elsewhere.

 as a laminated photocopy, it must be a recent product, maybe only 30 years old? they are in very good condition, they seem less than 10 years old. they were given to the owner by a friend who found them as while looking through second-hand household items in a market type stall, they would have been merely part of a heap of stuff got from a garage sale. these are so well done, there ought to several other sets all over the place, but where are they?

of course any and everything similar is also most interesting... thanks Rod.