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Dave Bisset:
Hi, can anyone help please, i'm looking for a flywheel for a Jap 2S engine to finish my project.
Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

Welcome Dave, I have no JAP parts at all and as you can imagine are a bit tricky o find. Keep on checking in and be patient as some mebers dont live here all the time so if someone has a spare they just might be able to help. NOw if it was a Victa one, no worries I have a few of those kicking about the place.
Can you post a pic of the rest of the engine to job some meories. You will need to compress the image to post online.

Dave, Steve from Vintage Air Cooled Engine Spares advertises he has parts for Villiers JAP and BSA give him a try, I bought some parts for a couple of Villiers I have, found him a great Bloke to deal with.
I just purchased one of these JAP 2S engines yesterday mounted driving a water pump, will see how it goes.

I, too have heard he is good to deal with but so far he has not replied to the emails, maybe best to phone him.

I have a JAP 2s stripped at the moment awaiting piston, rings and gaskets from England, Steve was not able to help with what I required, I will post photos of the flywheel if that is of help.


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