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Well here we go on a long journy with this one. I managed to load my preferred engine onto the tractors carry-all which made for power steering on the Cropmaster which was different and got it up under the carport which is where it will be stripped down and cleaned. I have found the good injector as the original was broken off by someone else many years ago and it took me over a year to find the replacement but at least it is here. I quickly had a look at what I think are all the parts I have and found parts that I don't know what they are as yet but in time with help from you guys I will find a place to fit them.
Now I do have a booklet called "Instruction Book for erecting and running Imperial Super -Diesel Engines" It has 35 pages of information but it is not a workshop manual that shows you what parts belong where.

Is there a workshop manual for the SE engine?

If so where do I beg, borrow or buy one from?

Well first we had to drag the best of two evils out from under the house, load it onto the carry-all and get it up under the carport. As you can see this is the broken injector.

Next I started to remove some parts and started with the 4" belt pulley. Had a look inside and the 3 heads of the bolts were badly rusted and I had to use 3 different size sockets on the 3 bolts but they wound out as if nothing was wrong. I then thought this is off to a great start.
Big Mouth now has foot in mouth disease. Next to be removed are the flywheels and to do that the gibb keys had to come out. Ever since these engines came home years ago I have squirted diesel on nearly every bolt I could see including the flywheels and the gibb keys. Well the head broke off the first one. So with not too much swearing I started to drill out the key starting with a small one then bigger and then to the 1/4" size. I got this drilled into the key to almost the full depth of the twist of the bit taking care to keep pulling it out to clear the twist. Snap it went at full depth, more words of constructive and very descriptive usually pleasurable things flew around the yard. So Plan C was then to drill small holes above and to the side of the 1/4" bastard. So using now a 1/8" bit I managed to carefully drill 2 more holes full depth and the theory was to help relive the pressure on the 1/4" bit. Then it hit me, maybe I can cut away part of the gibb key and this will allow me to get some vice grips on the bit. No way, the bit didn't just snap it shattered into lots of short pieces so there is still about an 1" inside under the hub of the flywheel but this gave me more access to drill the small holes deeper. Well as you can see it too snapped off. So I now have 2 drill bits securing the key in place, I feel so lucky,,,,NOT!
You will see the good injector waiting to be stripped. clean and adjusted in the future.

Trying to drill out seized keys usually results in some form of grief.
Perhaps you could try heating  the flywheel hub to red heat and then putting a large tapered drift between the crankcase and hub if there is enough clearance to  do so.

If you heat the flywheel hub as is my previous post, first try knocking it off the key towards the crankcase. You may have to heat and cool a few times, but it is a proven method from a few years ago.


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